Arduino Libraries for Linux Userspace

A GSOC project at

Documentation and Videos

Finally, both of us have the videos uploaded to YouTube.

Anuj’s video:

Parav’s video:

We have also split some of our documentation into logical parts. now has links to all the three pages associated with project. There is still a lot of work to do, like expounding the Beaglebone Black specific parts of the project, providing links to the docs and more comprehensive testing on Beaglebone Black (hopefully, it will be done before the mid-term evals).

Anuj has also added a few math functions (min, max, abs) this past week. I have been absent for the last two days and am trying my best to cover up for the work I have missed. Rest assured, we are on the right track and hope to get the following objectives completed by mid-term:

  • A style-check of the source (
  • Make analogRead more generic (IIO::SYSFS) and add a function to change resolution
  • Add some of the easy-to-test yet important functions (math and random)
  • Change documentation to have all of the stuff mentioned above
  • Some other stuff I can’t remember right now