Arduino Libraries for Linux Userspace

A GSOC project at

Some Hardware Ideas to Test the Libraries

For the past few weeks we have been working on quite a few things. Parav got the I2C library in place. We have a working sample in the examples folder now. I have been working with SPI in the meanwhile. The library isn’t in ausable state yet but it’ll be so by mid September for sure.

How to Use the Wikis

This blog post will explain how to access the wiki pages for Userspace Arduino project as well as how to get help if you are stuck.


Finally, the mid-term evals are here and we’re definitely in good shape!

More Demos

In the past few days, we have been working on getting a lot more demos working for the Bacon Cape. I am pleased to announce that we have all the devices on the board working with our sample codes.

Compiling the Blink Sketch for the BBB

Today we achieved an important objective. We compiled the existing Arduino blink example for the BeagleBone Black using the arm-angstrom compiler.

Currently, the code compilation and uploading part doesn’t reside in the Energia IDE. We have 2 small projects that take care of these two parts.

Let’s Get Started

This blog is dedicated to document the implementation of Arduino Libraries for Userspace on the Beaglebone. It is part of two GSOC projects at

This project will be worked upon by two students, Parav and Anuj; David Anders, Matt Porter and Andrew Bradford have been assigned as the mentors.